7 Day Physiotherapy Adelaide

Physio Physique is open 7 days per week at Woodville Park and Norwood.  We are proud to announce that we are open on Sunday at both locations. 

Our Services

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Conditions Treated

Φ Back pain

Φ Neck pain

Φ Sport injuries

Φ Vertigo

Φ Heel pain

Φ Arthritic pain

Φ Muscle sprains

Φ Scoliosis

Φ Hip and shoulder bursitis


Φ Tennis elbow / Golfers elbow

Φ Tension headaches

Φ Sciatica

Φ Carpal tunnel syndrome

Φ Hip pain

Φ Knee pain

Φ Rehabilitation

Φ Posture related pain

Φ Rotator cuff injury / impingement


Our Vision


"Empower you to ACHIEVE MORE through better health, naturally"


> ​Educate you about the core issues that cause the problem

> Provide easy to understand advice so can achieve long term results

> Provide hands on treatment for fast pain relief

> Treat you as a person, not just your symptoms

> Treat the source of the pain to ensure you stay healthy and pain free!

> We ensure you have an amazing physio experience

> Physio Physique Woodville Park and Norwood is open on Sunday

> Open 7 days a week


> Passionate about proactive health solutions

> Understand how frustrating it is to feel pain

> Genuinely want to help you

> Care about your recovery

> We help you achieve your goals

Your Lifestyle Physiotherapists

Michelle Lieu

Passionate about hands-on treatment and education to help your body heal from the inside out.

"Here to help you achieve a happier and healthier quality of life"

Tony Hvasanov

Promoter of natural tissue healing using Physiotherapy, self treatment techniques and restorative exercise.

"With the right treatment and advice, the body can achieve amazing things"

Not getting the RESULTS you want with other treatments?

Being a physiotherapist/primary health care professional, we are in a unique position to provide natural (drug free) and effective strategies for you to reduce pain and improve your quality of life. 

Almost everyone will suffer from stiffness, aches and pains at some point however most people do not know how to help themselves in this situation. They would usually try some over-the-counter pain relieving medications as the first management strategy. If they continue to experience pain and discomfort, they would then visit their doctor only to be prescribed stronger pain relieving medication. Thus begins the process of drug dependence, delayed treatment and no clear solution in sight. 

Does this sound like you or someone you know? 
We use a simple 3 step process to achieve fast pain relief and recovery:

1. We conduct a detailed assessment to determine the core problem which is causing the pain (not just the symptoms) then focus treatment at the right areas.

2. We treat the source of your problems using variety of techniques such as joint mobilisation, dry needling, electrotherapy, rigid tape/kinesiology taping techniques, massage and stretches. 

3. We mentor and educate you on the core problem and teach self help strategies to achieve the best outcome in the shortest amount of time. We develop an individualised and highly effective exercise program to promote the body's natural healing processes. These exercises are simple and require minutes to perform and can be easily integrated into your busy schedule.

Appointment Information
Private Paying Patients

- Initial Appointments 60 minutes

- Follow Up Appointments 30 minutes

​​- Over 40 private health funds are accepted at Physio Physique

- Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Amex are all accepted forms of payment

​- Doctor's referral not required

- Surcharge applies on Sunday

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Patients

- You may be eligible for 5 EPC visits per calendar year.

- Please bring doctor's referral with you to your first appointment.

- We charge a small gap (out of pocket expense)

Return to Work / 3rd Party Claims

- A doctor's referral is required to access injury claims.

- Please bring your doctor's referral and details of your claim (e.g. claim number, insurer, case manager)

- Once your claim has been approved, we bill the insurer directly.