Back and Spinal Pain

Bulging discs

Bulging discs are the most common findings seen on x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans. Symptoms can vary from a dull ache to sharp, severe pain; and can be aggravated by sitting, bending and lifting.


Sciatica is a fancy word for pain and symptoms that spread down to your hips or legs as a result of a lumbar spine (lower back) complaint. Pain can be accompanied by tingling and numbness.

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Bulletproof Back Protocol

(Our Process)

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Can you fix you a bulging disc?

Short answer is yes. Although your Doctor may have diagnosed you with a bulging disc, it is actually only one of many factors contributing to your back pain. It is important to address the underlying biomechanical, psychological and lifestyle factors which caused your condition.

How quickly will my pain settle?

Most of our patients report an immediate reduction in back and spinal pain following treatment. Many factors will determine how long it takes for full recovery which can include, but not limited to - your age, lifestyle, general health, type of injury and chronicity.

What can I do to help my pain?

After your comprehensive assessment, our Physiotherapists will provide you with self management advice, home exercises and powerful techniques to speed up your healing and reduce your pain without medication.

Disc bulges are found in more than 50% of the population who do not experience any back pain or symptoms. They are like wrinkles on your skin and will more likely develop as you age.

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