NormaTec Compression

What is NormaTec Compression Therapy?

NormaTec is a leader in compression therapy products which utilises dynamic compression technology to aid in enhanced lymphatic drainage, improved blood flow, reduced swelling and faster recovery following exercise.

Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulating the lymphatic system has numerous health benefits. It can reduce swelling through improved movement of fluids, enhanced blood flow through the body, increases parasympathetic response which results in a calming effect and reduces muscle spasm and pain.

Normatec Compression Boots

Improved Blood Flow

Improved blood flow ensures adequate blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly including the brain which can help to keep your mind sharp. Improved circulation helps with faster wound, injury healing and recovery by removal of waste from your tissues.

Is Compression Therapy Suitable For Me?

Are you on your feet for most of the day at work? Are you a runner or cycling or play lots of sport?

If you answered yes to any other the above, then compression therapy can absolutely be beneficial for you. 

How much do Yoga classes cost?

Single visits are $25 and paid in advance.

You can also purchase a 10 Class Pass (Save 20%) for $200 which can be also be used for our Yoga classes, SKY Breath Meditation and Stretch & De-Stress.

To purchase a 10 Class Pass, please contact us on (08) 8123 8252.

Please book your classes carefully, your credit is not transferable if you fail to attend your class.

Evidence suggests that using NormaTec can help prevent muscle breakdown and also promote muscle healing

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