Dry Needling

Dry needling is used to increase blood flow and reverse chemical imbalance in the muscles, which helps improve tissue healing and muscle relaxation.

Stimulation of pain receptors in your body causes the release of powerful opioids (i.e. endorphins) which help reduce pain and stress.

Dry needling is great for acute injuries and chronic pain conditions.


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Does dry needling hurt?

Depending on your condition, dry needling can cause some discomfort during the treatment. Usually by the end of a session, the discomfort will settle and you will feel more relaxed.

What conditions can dry needling treat?

Our Physiotherapists use dry needling to treat back and spinal pain, headaches and migraines, sport injuries, shoulder and upper limb pain, hip and lower limb pain and arthritis/joint pain.

The term "dry needling" was first introduced by Dr Janet G Travell in 1983 and is similar to Chinese acupuncture.

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