Headaches & Migraines

Cervicogenic (Neck Induced) Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches can often accompany pain in other areas such as neck, shoulders and between the shoulder blades. These types of headaches are common in those who work in occupations that require awkward or sustained neck positions. 


Tension-type Headaches

These types of headaches can feel like a generalised squeezing or pressure type headache, that may also refer to other areas of the neck and head. Trigger points around the base of the skull will be helpful in alleviating these types of headaches.  

Migraines (With and Without Aura)

Migraines can start at any age and can come regularly without much warning. Sometimes, these can be accompanied with visual disturbances (auras) and sensitivity to sound, taste and smell. Migraines can often feel like a deep, throbbing headaches which can cause nausea and vomiting in severe cases. 

Hormonal Migraines

Despite popular belief, hormonal migraines are NOT a life sentence. They can be caused by sensitivity within the neck. Treatments aimed at desensitising the neck can provide long term relief of hormonal migraines. 

Headache and migraine treatment

Are scans necessary for migraines?

If you have a previous history of trauma (ie. car accident, sporting accident or concussion), scans of the neck will be helpful in ruling out any major instability issues. However, they are not always necessary. Your physiotherapist can conduct a series of stability tests prior to starting any treatment.


If you have recently taken scans of your neck, feel free to bring them along with you to your appointment.  


Can physiotherapy help my migraines?

There have many studies that suggest migraines and headaches are commonly more of a muscular (coming from the muscles) or vascular (coming from the blood vessels) condition. Our physiotherapists will assess your pain and help you understand where your headaches are coming from.

Should I start taking medications for my migraines?

Despite medications being a very common treatment method for migraines, they surprisingly aren't the ONLY treatment for headaches. 

If you are currently taking medications, physiotherapy treatment will still be safe. Headaches are a complex condition - there is no 'one size fits all' approach.

Does it matter if I have had migraines for years?

Short answer is no. The particular technique we use can be used for anyone suffering from headaches or migraines, no matter the duration of your symptoms. It may just take a little more time to settle down the pain.

There is less of a correlation between stress as a headache/migraine trigger than stress as a low back pain trigger!

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