What is lifestyle Physiotherapy?

Similar to lifestyle medicine, lifestyle physiotherapy combines environmental, behavioural, physiotherapy and motivational principles to the management of lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical setting. ​

Physio Physique use in-depth assessment to identify your lifestyle factors which directly contribute to your presenting complaint. It is rare to have just one specific cause but rather an accumulation of many factors. These factors need to be eliminated/modified in order to recover adequately.

Unfortunately, most people do not seek treatment when required and eventually end up in the "Cycle of Untreated Pain". Rest is a necessary part of injury recovery however you will be become de-conditioned as a result and leads to chronic pain. Physio Physique has helped numerous people just like you break the cycle. 

Pain management

At any given time, approximately one third of Australians are in pain which affect their lifestyle, work, relationships and general well-being both physically and mentally. As people become older, the occurrence of pain increases and tends to affect women more than men.  When presenting to a GP, most people are prescribed pain relieving medications as a treatment.  Pain relieving medications may be an important aspect to a your treatment, however combining medication with physiotherapy intervention is shown to be more effective in the short and long term.

Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy is an important aspect of any good rehabilitation/physiotherapy management plan. Following an injury your body will become weaker and stiffer, therefore a well designed exercise program is essential for fast recovery and promote tissue healing.

"Put your oxygen mask on first"

If you are the person most people rely upon then you MUST take good care of yourself. This is an absolute non-negotiable! 

When your health fails (and it will eventually), the mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy and financial costs will far exceed that of preventative self care. If you are unable to rise from your bed each morning how will you:

  • Go to work

  • Look after your family

  • Enjoy your hobbies

  • Socialise with friends

Prevention is better than a cure!

We understand that life is busy and as a result you put yourself last. Without proper self care and maintenance, your health is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Society in general has been brainwashed to feel guilty when it comes to self care - you are labelled as selfish and irresponsible when requesting "me time" or when you book yourself in for a much needed massage. The healthier you are, the more you can give others.

How often do you visit your GP or Dentist?

Australians visit their GP on average 6 times per year and their Dentist on average 2 times per year.


We believe that you should consider visiting your Physiotherapist at least 4 times per year for a musculoskeletal check up and self care advice as a preventative measure. Don't wait till you are suffering in pain. Get expert advice specific to the physical demands of your lifestyle.

You service your car every 10,000 why wouldn't you "service" your body?