Meditation & Breathwork

SKY Breath Meditation (Sudarshan Kriya)

If you have read James Nestor's incredibly popular book Breathe you will be familiar with the power and potential of SKY Breath Meditation.

In this practice we use specific breathing patterns to settle the mind into deep meditation. This style of meditation quickly shifts the body over into the parasympathetic state of rest, digest and restoration.

Over 97 studies across 4 continents demonstrate the benefits that may arise from adopting regular SKY Breath meditation practice.


SKY Breath | Guided Meditation

SKY Breath Meditation is reported to be a foundational tool for maintaining and improving mental health by the Harvard Medical School and International Journey of Yoga. The science backed & evidenced-based meditation technique quickly calms anxiety, releases stress and boosts immunity.

Independent research has shown the SKY Breath Meditation:

  • Reduces cortisol (the stress hormone)

  • Supports the immune system

  • Increases optimism

  • Relieves anxiety & depression

  • Increases antioxidant production

  • Enhances brain function (mental focus, calmess & recovery from stressful stimuli)

  • Enhances wellbeing and peace of mind

Guided Meditation

Join Lee and be taken on a journey of self discovery, increased body awareness and achieve a state of "relaxed concentration". Feel your tension melt away through visualisation and focused awareness. 

Guided Meditation is a great way to develop the skill of meditation and is an excellent place to start if you find it difficult to switch off and relax.  

During each class Lee uses various breathing techniques and a body scan to shift the body into a state of calm and ease. From there you are guided through a peaceful and grounding visualisation or Loving-Kindness Meditation which is intended to cultivate deep feelings of gratitude, compassion and self-awareness. 

Here are some of the things we know for sure about meditation:

  •  Long-term, consistent meditation does appear increase resiliency to stress

  •  Almost certainly sharpens your attention

  •  It is highly likely to increase feelings of compassion towards others

  •  Meditation is an effective tool for improving mental health

  •  Mindfulness may have a positive impact on your relationships

  •  Meditation appears to reduce many kinds of bias

  •  A moderate, positive impact may be realised on your physical health

Guided Meditation is perfect for those who struggle to stay focused and need that gentle voice to keep you present and mindful.

Please arrive 10 mins early

We understand that life can get in the way however we would appreciate if you could arrive for your class at least 10 minutes before the start of class.  This will help us keep disruptions to a minimum for both the students and the instructor.


I find it impossible to meditate, can I do this class?

Yes! We gently encourage you to be open minded, come along & have a try! With some guidance, you will master this incredible skill in no time.

Do I have to sit on the floor?

No, each class is inclusive and the classes can be performed on the floor, standing up or seated on a chair.

How much do SKY Breath and Guided Meditation classes cost?

Single visits are $25 and paid in advance.

You can also purchase a 10 Class Pass (Save 20%) for $200 which can also be used Yoga classes and NormaTec Compression Therapy.

To purchase a 10 Class Pass, please contact us on (08) 8123 8252.

Please book your classes carefully, your credit is not transferable if you fail to attend your class.

Meditation may be a more powerful painkiller than morphine

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