What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is used to identify and maximise a person's quality of life through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injury, disability and lifestyle related illnesses.  The physiotherapist will consider not only the physical but also the psychological, emotional and social wellbeing of each patient with the aim of developing a specific and individualised treatment plan.


Pain Management

At any given time, approximately one third of Australians are in pain which affect their lifestyle, work, relationships and general wellbeing both physically and mentally. As people become older, the occurrence of pain increases and tends to affect women more than men.  When presenting to a GP, most people are prescribed pain relieving medications as a treatment.  Pain relieving medications are an important aspect to a patient's treatment, however combining medication with physiotherapy intervention is shown to be more effective in the short and long term.

Range of Motion

If you have suffered an injury or just have a sedentary lifestyle, the flexibility of your joints and muscles will be affected.  Reduced range of motion can increase your risk of injury and chance of developing discomfort or pain. Physiotherapy will help clients regain their mobility and be able to return to their usual level of activity.


Exercise is an important aspect of any good rehabilitation / physiotherapy program. Following injury the body can become weak and stiff, therefore a well designed exercise program will assist with faster recovery and overall improvement in health and function.

We Treat

Φ Back pain

Φ Neck pain

Φ Sport injuries

Φ Vertigo

Φ Heel pain

Φ Arthritic pain

Φ Muscle sprains

Φ Scoliosis

Φ Hip and shoulder bursitis


Φ Tennis elbow / Golfers elbow

Φ Tension headaches

Φ Sciatica

Φ Carpal tunnel syndrome

Φ Hip pain

Φ Knee pain

Φ Rehabilitation

Φ Posture related pain

Φ Rotator cuff injury / impingement

Get your pain sorted so you can have a happy and healthy life!