post operative


What is post operative Physiotherapy?

Surgery makes up only one of three parts to a successful rehabilitation process.  The success of your post operative recovery does not rely solely on the what happens whilst you are in the operating theatre. A successful surgical procedure is important for a successful outcome however successful rehabilitation actually begins before surgery.  This type of rehabilitation is called prehabilitation. 


Prior to surgery, it is important to prepare your body so that you have the greatest chance of success and lowest chance of complications.  It is important to consider things like general fitness, joint flexibility and muscle strength to improve your functional capacity before your operation.  Generally speaking, the fitter you are the quicker you recover from surgery.


After any surgery, it is important to begin your rehabilitation process as soon as possible to ensure that your recovery is optimised. Following surgery your muscles will be weaker, swelling and scar tissue will develop which will affect your ability to perform tasks with that body part.

Your expert Physiotherapists will guide your through your post operative rehabilitation and provide a range of hands-on therapy to reduce pain and improve function as soon as possible. Your Physiotherapist will work in collaboration with your Surgeon to achieve the best recovery possible.