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Elective Surgery Cancelled...What Now?

Before COVID-19, you would of had to wait an average of 270 days for hip and knee replacements at public hospitals.

As part of the Australian governments response to COVID-19, all elective surgeries have been temporarily cancelled.

What does that mean for you?

If you were booked in to for elective surgery such as a knee or hip replacement, it means you simply have to wait even longer.

It is estimated that you may now have to wait up to 445 days!

The negative consequences

Research suggests that people who wait for surgery can deteriorate in proportion to the length of time they wait.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain and require strong medication, you are more likely to become dependent on these medications and develop chronic pain states, fear of movement and generalised de-conditioning of your physical body. You will likely experience an impact on your emotional and mental health.

Being advised that you may have to wait an extra 6 months for your hip or knee replacement can cause quite a bit of unrest.

The positive outcomes

Recent research comparing common elective orthopaedic surgical procedures against a placebo, shows that participants had quite good improvement to their symptoms regardless of whether they had the surgery or the placebo.

What this tells us is that surgery may not even be necessary.

Physiotherapy and exercise therapy have been shown to be very effective at improving symptoms and can even help you avoid surgery altogether in some cases.

We know that losing weight, strengthening muscles around your joints, education and improving general health can make a huge difference.

Let's look at this situation as an opportunity for a more conservative treatment approach.

Where to from here?

Could this extra time be used to engage with a Physiotherapist to focus on weight loss and increasing strength around the joint?

If you are currently experiencing hip pain, knee pain or other arthritis related pain, you DO NOT need to suffer in silence.

Physio Physique are experts at identifying ways to improve your function, reduce pain and possibly help you avoid surgery all together.

Take control of your pain today.


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