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How to overcome health barriers using a G.O.A.L Mindset

There are many ways to achieve goals using various steps and techniques eg. S.M.A.R.T goals. Yes these methods are useful in developing a CLEAR path to achieving your goals however lets break down the word 'GOAL' into various components to better understand how your MINDSET can sabotage your success and recovery.

G - Gratitude

Gratitude is a positive emotion, which is really important because it is vital for focusing on positives rather than negatives. Everyone will be exposed to good things and bad things but it's what we focus on and how we interpret these situations that will determine the end result. In respect to health, I frequently hear things like “I can't do this” or “If only I had ...” which are BARRIERS to recovery. It is this form of SELF DOUBT and SELF LIMITING thought that ultimately prevents you from improving.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, it is much more useful and motivating to focus on the positives in life. It is important to focus on the things that you CAN DO and the things you HAVE. Take a moment and really contemplate your skills, abilities, attributes, relationships, opportunities and supports in which you can be THANKFUL. Learn to appreciate these positive things. Remind yourself of these positives on a daily basis. Share these positives with others in your life. Notice how your life IMPROVES when you focus on the positives. Give out positive energy and you shall receive positive energy. This will be further elaborated in the attitude section.

O - Ownership Take ownership of your health and your life. People seemingly have a strong sense of entitlement and victim mentality particularly if they are experiencing CHRONIC PAIN or have sought help in the past but did not get the result they expected thus causing ANGER, FRUSTRATION and BITTERNESS. A victim mentality may develop when expectations were not properly discussed or managed.

Now begins the BLAME GAME. It is someone else's fault that you are STUCK where you are. It is because other people ARE NOT helping you enough. If only you had MORE SUPPORT then you would be okay. It is important to take ownership of your health because at the end of the day, no one else will BENEFIT but you.

Yes, the journey to success and recovery may be difficult. Yes, the journey will take time and effort but the END GOAL is well worth it. Imagine the life you want in the future and what you are able to achieve if you had BETTER HEALTH. Have the END GOAL in your mind and focus on what you can CHANGE in order to get there. Health professionals such as Doctors and Physiotherapists are 20% of the solution. YOU are the other 80%. Be the MASTER of your own health.

A - Attitude Expanding on from gratitude, a POSITIVE attitude is vital in order to succeed in any aspect of life. Positivity manifests as constructive thinking, optimism, motivation and energy, happiness, inspiration, confidence and creative thinking. You need to carefully consider how your ACTIONS and behaviours match your attitude. If you have a negative attitude, it's not only important to change your thinking, it's equally important to change how your act and behave.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

Here are 6 simple steps you can adopt to improve your attitude:

1. Practice gratitude: Each day, text, email or tell each other three things for which you are grateful.

2. Balance your thoughts: observe if you focus on failures, criticise yourself or frequently complain. Counter each negative thought with two positive thoughts.

3. Confident posture: the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. Improve your posture by standing up tall, shoulders back, chin held up high and feel confident. You may need to exercise to change your body and strengthen your posture.

4. Smile: the simple act of smiling can instantly change how you feel and how those around you feel. It creates a more positive vibe and environment.

5. Avoid negativity: surround yourself with positivity and ditch those who are negative. Spending time with positive and uplifting people will make it so much easier to have a positive mindset.

6. Pay it forward: It is easy to be distracted by our own stresses and forget about those around us. Strive to do something nice for someone each day. Reconnect with friends or family who you have not seen for a while. Give a stranger a compliment.

L - Learn What you don't know can't help you. Do not take the opinions of others (particularly friends and family) without proper research into a topic. Educate yourself about your health and your ailments, then make an informed decision how to best find a solution. Ask questions, lots of questions. DO NOT be easily disheartened when things get tough or sound impossible. You are limited by your THOUGHTS and EDUCATION. Get a second opinion if required. Knowledge is power and the lack of knowledge is the foundation for all FAILURE. The more knowledge and education you have, the easier everything becomes. The lack of knowledge also promotes FEAR which is detrimental to your mental health and stress levels. When in doubt, seek expert advice. Get a second opinion if required. Read reputable resources to help reduce fear and anxiety over the unknown and be CONFIDENT that you have the knowledge and tools to achieve your GOALS.

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Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness

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