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Headaches - Stop The VICE

Learn How To Enjoy Life Without Your Debilitating Headaches...

Read on to find out how we've helped many other people with headaches, just like you, to become pain free and enjoying their life again!

In order to properly treat a condition we need to determine the actual cause of the problem and the contributing factors that aggravate it. The human body is marvellous and extremely good at repairing itself following trauma and injury however certain factors will inhibit proper healing.

Common Causes and Contributing Factors to Headaches

The most common types of headaches are tension, sinus and migraine headaches. Tension headaches strike when the muscles in the head and neck tighten. Sinus headaches usually occur when there is infection or pressure in the sinuses. Migraines come on when sensitive nerve endings in the brain create pain or there is a change in blood flow.

Headaches can be triggered by:

> stress

> fatigue

> hunger

> tension around muscles in back of head, neck or jaw

> poor posture

> disc bulges

> whiplash

> arthritis

> weak neck / shoulder muscles

> poor sleeping posture

> repetitive activity / overuse

> caffeine withdrawal

Now that you have a better understanding of the common causes of headaches...where to from here?

Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy For Headaches Are EFFECTIVE!

A review of the literature/research in 2014 found that "Cervical exercises, relaxation, massage, postural exercises, cranio-cervical techniques, thermotherapy, vertebral mobilization and stretching are effective in reducing tension type headache symptoms such as pain frequency and intensity." (Gemma Victoria Espí-López et al)

Example of typical referral pattern

Following a comprehensive assessment with our expert physiotherapist, treatment combining manual therapy, dry needling and a restorative exercise program will be given.

Manual therapy - This is a highly effective tool to quickly reduce pain and stiffness helping you function again.

Dry needling - A study in 2016 demonstrated that the application of dry needling into trigger points of suboccipital and upper trapezius muscles induces significant improvement to headaches, tenderness and neck range of motion.

Restorative exercise - After tension around the neck and shoulders are released, it is time to retrain the muscles that support the neck and head. In order to "STOP THE VICE" once and for all and prevent future issues, it is extremely important to strengthen the weak muscles and lengthen the tight muscles. When your muscles are weak or too tight, they get tired easily and that makes them spasm, causing PAIN TO RETURN.

But there is hope...

​We've helped many other people who suffer from severe headaches, just like you, to become pain free and enjoying their life again!

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