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How to build serious muscle and melt body fat without leaving your desk (secrets revealed)

Gyms are closed. Playgrounds are closed. Sporting venues are closed.

You have been forced to stay at home and your regular exercise habits are out the window. You want to exercise at home but don't have any gym equipment such as dumbbells. You run to the sports stores only to find that the "gym junkies" have purchased all the equipment.

Empty shelves...

Did I accidentally walk into the toilet paper section at Coles?

Your best intentions of staying fit during isolation is steadily waning as it seems there are less and less options available to you. You may feel lost and confused as what you should do to stay fit.

The solution? Body weight based strength training

Body weight exercises are a great way to build muscle, improve body control, strengthen your core, reduce the risk of injury and burn fat.

That's right...you can build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time!

I know what you're thinking...how do you lose body fat without cardio exercises such as running or cycling?

Pro secret #1

By building muscle you also boost your metabolism because bigger muscles burn more calories. So increase your overall muscle mass to increase your overall resting metabolic rate and burn more calories each day.

Pro secret #2

Another great way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness is through peripheral heart action (PHA). PHA is a great way to work on your cardiovascular fitness while doing strength training. To activate PHA, alternate between upper body exercises and lower body exercises between each set. This causes your heart to direct blood to one area of your body then re-directs the blood to another.

Now for the exercises - get a fantastic workout without leaving your desk

You will need a sturdy chair on wheels (with armrests) and a sturdy desk. These exercises have been designed to activate your PHA so you will notice how they alternate between upper body and lower body.

The following exercises are designed for beginners and can be modified to increase the difficulty. It is always important to focus on control and technique before increasing the difficulty.

Workout Prescription

Reps: aim for at least 30 repetitions for each exercise (more if needed)


Duration: 1 minute per exercise

Sets: 3 sets (repeat each exercise 3x like a circuit)

Speed: slow/controlled

Rest: no rest between exercises

Total time: approx 20 minutes

Watch the video for demonstrations and explanations for each exercise + variations. The exercises are listed below in order.

Exercise 1 - Triceps dip

Exercise 2 - Sit to stand

Exercise 3 - Seated ab leg raises

Exercise 4 - Chest press + low row

Exercise 5 - Cycling abs

Exercise 6 - Hamstring curls + knee extension (walking while seated)

Exercise 7 - Plank on desk + hip extension

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Please note

The advice and exercises aforementioned are general in nature and may not be suitable for everyone. If in doubt, please contact your health professional for further advice.

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