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I'm a bit sore but it will probably go away in a few days...

Have you ever developed general discomfort without an injury and thought to yourself, "it will go away in a few days".

What if I told you that it will likely go away but then come back worse in the near future?

Pain is only a symptom and can vary from mild to severe. Severe enough to make you want to go to the hospital.

The problem is if pain is mild you tend to ignore it with the idea that it will get better by itself. If the pain is affecting your movement or sleep, you would probably try pain killers and most of the time will feel relief.

But that is all it is...relief.

Have you ever wondered why the pain started in the first place? I mean, you didn't "pull" something or lift something heavy. So why is the pain there at all?

Repetition and neglect

Everything accumulates and has a compound effect over time. You can't develop Diabetes over night from a sugar binge. You can't develop high blood pressure over night from a fast food binge. You can't develop pain over night without a specific injury. All the stress builds up and affects our tissues.

How do we prevent it?

The answer is simple.

A targeted self maintenance program aimed at releasing pressure build up, improved blood flow, clearing toxin build up and optimal muscle strength.

Remember that "Health is Wealth" and you should always prioritise it. When your health fails, life becomes very stressful. There are many hidden stresses that occur as a result of poor health. These can include:

  1. financial stress - no longer able to work

  2. relationship stress - one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdown is poor health

  3. mental stress - loss of independence and identity

Take control of your health and ultimately your life. We hope this blog has highlighted some important (usually unknown) concepts and brings you a lifetime of better health.

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