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I started a new activity, and now I'm feeling sore...

Picture this:

You've been dying to try a new sport or activity out for ages, and when you finally muster up the time and courage to go and do it, end up feeling sore and achey over the next few days.

You think to yourself: “must just be muscle pain from the new exercise before, but it'll go away by itself”, only to find that weeks have gone by and your pain is not only worsening, but your muscles are tender to touch and refers sharp pains when you start to use it again.

Sound familiar?

Tendinopathies are one of the most common causes of pain in athletes, with over 30% of all sport-related injuries involving tendons. Often, unless there is direct trauma to the tendon, tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon) is caused by doing too much exercise, too soon. This can be a major deterrent for people who develop tendinopathies by simply changing jobs or lifestyle habits.

Why is it happening to me?

Tendons are physiologically designed to be strong, flexible and elastic, while being able to maintain tensile strength over a period of time.

But when you overload the tendon, chemicals get released into the body which translates to localised pain that develops “out of nowhere”, but often associated to doing too much exercise too quickly.

"So why am I still getting the pain now?!"

Tendons have a lower rate of oxygen consumption in comparison to your muscles, and receive their blood supplies from other sources than itself. This makes tendons very slow to heal.

But this won't last forever...

Treatments for tendinopathies vary depending on the person, duration of symptoms as well as any previous injuries to the area. But fear not, your local physiotherapist at Physio Physique can help by tailoring treatments based on what you need!

Your physiotherapist may provide some hands-on treatment to settle the pain initially, then eccentric exercises and activity grading will be highly useful tools in getting your muscles strong again. The key to prevention is to make sure that your muscles and tendons are strong enough to accommodate to YOUR lifestyle habits.

With the right education, exercises and activity modifications, we can get you back to moving pain-free!

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