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Is it safe to see my Physio during COVID-19?

Many of our clients have contacted us asking whether we were still open during this time. There has been a lot of misinformation, fear and confusion since the Coronavirus began. As a result, many people are not seeking appropriate physiotherapy treatment when it is completely safe to do so.

The simple answer is YES, it is safe to see your Physiotherapist however there are a couple of things to consider to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Do you feel unwell?

We ask that all clients and team members stay home if they are feeling unwell as a precaution, especially if you have the following symptoms:

If in doubt, please contact the your GP or Physio Physique on (08) 8448 1222, prior to booking a face-to-face appointment.

Maybe you prefer an online physio consult instead?

Telehealth / online physiotherapy consults are ideal for people who:

  • Have a diagnosed condition but would like a second opinion

  • Are considered "at risk" due to lowered immunity, cancer, diabetes or lung conditions

  • Have difficulty travelling due to injury or illness

  • Live in remote areas, overseas or rural areas and would like access to a physiotherapist

  • Would like the convenience of online consultations from the comfort of their own home

  • Prefer non-physical physiotherapy and active rehabilitation (exercise therapy)

To learn more about online physio consults, contact us

Business as usual

Physio Physique is still open 7 days per week as per usual. In response to COVID-19 recommendations we have implemented additional precautions:

Increased good hygiene

- wipe down surfaces between each client

- wear face masks when appropriate

- provide and use hand santiser between each client

- wash hands between each client

- Use of essential oil air diffuser and room sprays to purify the air

Social distancing

Physio Physique is a "low traffic" clinic with an open plan layout. All seats in the reception area have been spaced apart to allow the recommended 1.5 metre distance between our clients.

Rear entrance

We also have an entrance located toward the rear of the building. If you wish to completely avoid the main reception area, you may enter from the rear by ringing the door bell.

Accurate information

We are up-to-date with all the latest COVID-19 information and recommendations set out by the Department of Health.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact Physio Physique on (08) 8448 1222 or our enquiry form as soon as possible.

Stay fit and healthy

We encourage you to stay active, connect with friends and family through social media/telephone and go out for walks around the block. These are important to maintain your physical and mental heath.

For some suggestions on how to stay fit and healthy, please read our blog

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We wish you all the very best during this time.