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To Pill or Not to Pill? That is the question

Do you know what to do when you start to experience PAIN or DISCOMFORT? Is your first instinct to drink some painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication? Do you just rest and hope that the pain will just go away? Do you consult your doctor, only to be told to rest and be prescribed strong painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication?

If the above scenarios sound like you then YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Unfortunately, due to frequent exposure to PSYCHOLOGICAL PRIMING in the form of television advertising, most people think to take "medication" in order to fix their pain. This is misinformed marketing aimed at giving people a QUICK FIX and not a REAL TREATMENT.


Pain is a warning message created by your brain with the purpose of protecting you from harm/danger. Using medication only MASKS the pain however can increase your risk of injury because you may no longer be able to tell if you are causing yourself more damage with certain activities. There are many NATURAL and DRUG FREE methods to manage pain, promote healing and speed up your recovery. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with the highly skilled Physiotherapists at Physio Physique to learn how.

Most over-the-counter (OTC) medication such as paracetamol are advertised as SAFE for your stomach but did you know that it may not actually be safe for your liver. Long term paracetamol use can cause accumulative liver toxicity. Click Here to read a case study of a 64 year old man Tasmanian man who died from multiple organ failure as a result of liver toxicity.


Nausea and vomiting

Abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation


Rashes and itchy skin

Shortness of breath, swelling in lungs

High blood pressure, increased heart rate

Increased blood sugar levels

Headaches and dizziness

Insomnia and anxiety


Next time you experience pain or discomfort, consider a more natural and proven treatment - PHYSIOTHERAPY. Yes, medication has a very small place in pain management however that should NEVER be the first and/or only treatment. NEVER accept a PILL ONLY treatment. It does not work and will cause more problems than you realise. You WILL need manual therapy, self help exercises and learn how to reduce your risk of injury during the healing process.

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