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Top 5 Do's For Amazing Health - The Compound Effect

Have you heard about the compound effect?

It is a basic principle where small, seemingly insignificant actions create massive rewards over time. This applies to all aspects of life; business, finances and health.

Small smart choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

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If you have ever felt pain out of the blue or as a result of simple, every day activities, the likely culprit is the compound effect.

Let’s look at a very common scenario that we at Physio Physique see frequently:

  • Office worker who sits 8+ hours per day

  • Busy lifestyle with two young children

  • No time for exercise or self care

  • Likely to feel stressed

  • Body weight likely to have increased gradually over the years

  • May have mild lower back discomfort/tightness currently or in the past

  • Went to get up from a chair after prolonged sitting one day and back goes into spasm

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Unfortunately, repetitive activities create imbalances in your body and cause big problems later in life. This phenomenon can be seen in various aspects of your health, for example:

Diabetes and Heart Disease

You cannot develop diabetes or heart disease overnight just from eating a large quantity of sugar in one sitting. You can however develop diabetes and heart disease from eating one donut daily for many years. Eating healthy, well balanced food is essential for long term health. Don’t think of healthy eating as a diet…think of it as a healthy lifestyle.

Factors that affect health

Knee Arthritis

2 in 3 adults (67%) were overweight or obese in 2017-2018

(AIHW, 2019, Overweight and Obesity, viewed 11/2/2020, < https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports-data/behaviours-risk-factors/overweight-obesity/overview>

Did you know that knee joints experience 4x more force per kilogram of body? That means if you weigh 100kg, your knees are subjected to 400kg of force?

One of the biggest reasons your knee joint develops arthritis is excessive body weight! Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial, not only for your joints but other aspects such as heart health. The other is poor leg strength and joint flexibility.

Physio Physique are experts at assessing the contributing factors and provide long term prevention strategies.

Lower back

From the above scenario, excessive sitting will cause muscle imbalances to occur. Common imbalances include:

  • Tight hip flexors

  • Tight hamstrings

  • Weak gluteals

  • Weak core/abdominals

  • Stiff lower back (lumbar spine)

  • Increased pressure in lumbar discs and sciatic nerve

  • Reduced circulation in legs and feet

  • Change in pelvic tilt

At Physio Physique we often help clients assess these changes and teach simple yet effective self care exercises designed to address muscle imbalances.


1. Drink more water

It is recommended that you drink at least 3% of your body weight each day as a baseline. Good hydration helps maintain good blood circulation, metabolism, joint lubrication and spinal disc hydration.

2. Stretch daily

Every activity you perform gradually causes tension and stress to your tissues. You are under the compressive force of constant gravity and muscle contractions also compress your body. Therefore, it is essential to release this pressure every day with a simple stretching routine.

3. Meditate / deep breathing

Life is more stressful than ever and you never seem to have enough time in a day. Mental stress, like physical stress can eventually cause mental health issues such as anxiety. Spending a few minutes per day to meditate and mentally unwind can protect your long term mental health.

4. Cut out sugar and artificial food ingredients

Sugar is extremely addictive and has absolutely no benefit to us. If you want to eat something sweet then introduce natural sugar in the form of fruit. But remember, just because you’re eating fruit does not mean you can eat as much as you want. Certain fruit can still be high in natural sugars therefore it is best to limit the amount each day.

5. Resistance exercise

As your body ages, you naturally start to lose muscle bulk and strength. This process can be reduced/prevented with the introduction of resistance/strength exercises. Another benefit of having strong muscles is injury prevention. Strong muscles are like “armour” and protect your joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Body weight / core exercise

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