Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Bursitis

Bursitis is just a fancy word for "inflamed bursa". Bursas are found all around the body and are nothing more than a fluid filled sac which reduces friction between tissues such as tendon and bone.

If a bursa is irritated or damaged, it can swell up which can reduce the available space in the shoulder and cause pain and restriction.

Rotator Cuff Pain

The "Rotator Cuff" is a group of four muscles and their tendons which in and around the shoulder. These muscles are very important for shoulder control and smooth movement. Rotator Cuff pain can be caused by inflammation, muscle or tendon tears 

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, otherwise known as Adhesive Capsulitis, can be a very painful condition where you will experience shoulder stiffness and pain. A frozen shoulder can occur spontaneously or following a period of immobilisation e.g. after surgery. 


shoulder rehab

My shoulder is very sore, do I need a cortisone injection?

Cortisone injections may provide some temporary pain relief however does not have any long term benefit. Physiotherapy and exercises to correct underlying shoulder dysfunction is usually the key to fixing your shoulder condition.

I can't lift my arm, does that mean I have a tear?

Weakness can be a sign of a muscle or tendon tear however weakness can also be caused by "pain inhibition". Once injured, your body goes into defence mode and will try to protect you by causing muscle guarding, muscle inhibition and increased sensitivity.

I don't remember hurting my shoulder, so why does it hurt?

Shoulder pain and dysfunction can occur due to a variety of reasons. Common causes may include repetitive shoulder movement, poor posture, referred pain from the neck and even progressing shoulder exercises too quickly.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body

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