Do you play cricket, football (footy), basketball, netball, soccer or tennis? 

Different sports place different demands on your body and as such require different treatment. Physio Physique know that the the injury you sustain will vary depending on the sports you play. We also know that your recovery will be affected by other factors such as work, house work, family, stress, nutrition and your general health. 

Have you sustained a sports injury?

It is unfortunate you have sustained an injury playing the sport you love. We know it can be frustrating during your recovery to watch your team mates play from the sidelines. It is true that your body can heal on its own (your body is truly amazing) however there is a difference between tissue healing and functional healing.


Tissue healing

When you sustain an injury you will experience pain and swelling, your muscles will tighten to protect from further harm and your blood flow will reduce locally. Your body will begin to repair the damaged tissues (i.e. muscle, tendons, ligaments and cartilage) and within 4-6 weeks, your injured area will have healed.

Functional healing

When your tissues are healing it is important to promote blood flow, prevent muscle weakness, prevent muscle tightness and prevent joint stiffness. This is achieved through hands-on physiotherapy and introduction of safe and specific exercises designed to keep your body in an optimal state of health. Functional healing requires stress/load to your tissues which is gradually increased over time.

What is sports Physiotherapy?

Sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries and as such require different management strategies. Athletes normally require high level performance and demands placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems from developing. 

Injury prevention

Physiotherapists assess the risk of injury associated with specific sports or physical activities.  We can work with you, your coach and other members of your team to develop strategies for injury prevention and maximise your performance.

Acute intervention

Unfortunately, participating in sports can increase your risk of injury. Following an injury, it is vital to begin Physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible to reduce pain, swelling and muscle atrophy. Our expert Physiotherapists will help you return to sport in the shortest time possible.


To restore and maximise your functional capacity you will need a structured return to sport management plan.  Your management plan is designed to reduce tissue overload, injury aggravation and delayed return to sport. As mentioned, it is important to maintain as much function as possible during your recovery and reintroduce loads gradually. Our Physiotherapists will guide you through a safe and sustainable return to sport.

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