Telehealth / online physio

Expert health professionals at your fingertips through technology

We understand that pain and injury can be a frustrating experience especially if you don't recover as quick as you would expect. Access to good quality and essential health services is not always possible or convenient, which is why Physio Physique has gone "online". This allows us to provide quality physiotherapy to our clients, both in Adelaide and around Australia. 

The best way to recover from any injury is to develop a clear rehabilitation program which will:

  • Promote your body's natural healing process

  • Ensure you return to the things you love as quick as possible

  • Reduce any fear or anxiety related to your injury

  • Prevent long term weakness, stiffness and dysfunction

Who is online physiotherapy consults ideal for?

Telehealth / online physiotherapy consults are ideal for people who:

  • Have a diagnosed condition but would like a second opinion

  • Have difficulty travelling due to injury or illness

  • Live in remote areas, overseas or rural areas and would like access to a physiotherapist

  • Would like the convenience of online consultations from the comfort of their own home

  • Prefer non-physical physiotherapy and active rehabilitation (exercise therapy)

Why Telehealth consults?

Online physiotherapy consults are are fantastic way to gain clarity on your injury, speed up your recovery through functional healing, get you out of pain quickly, and develop a management plan to get you back to the things you love from the comfort of your own home.

What does an online physio consult look like?

Once you are connected to your online video consult, your Physiotherapist will help you to determine and help you clarify:

  • What's wrong (likely diagnosis)

  • Why it's there (root cause of the problem + contributing factors)

  • Your goals (exactly what meaningful result you are looking for)

  • What do we need to do to achieve your goals (individualised management plan)

  • Self treatment techniques (for rapid pain relief)

Frequently asked questions

How can a Physiotherapist treat my injury online?

There is a general perception that Physiotherapy treatment only consists of hands-on manual therapy, in a room with the patient, on a treatment bed. In reality, Physiotherapy has evolved into much more than this.

The most important and largest part of Physiotherapy treatment now involves active rehabilitation (exercise therapy). Research suggests that exercise therapy is the most effective tool and treatment option to ensure you recover fast, recover well and are pain free in the long term. 

What does each session cost?

An online physio consult at Physio Physique will cost $69 for an initial appointment and $55 for each subsequent appointment.

Can I claim my private health insurance for online physio consults?

Several private health insurance companies have agreed to provide benefits for online physiotherapy consultations where:

  • The patient is undergoing an treatment in the past 6 months, or

  • For new patients - telehealth consult has been recommended by their GP or specialist and:

  • The main issue being treated is one of:

    • Post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation (e.g. total hip or knee replacement​)

    • Chronic musculoskeletal issue

    • Pulmonary physiotherapy rehabilitation

  • The online physio consults are performed before 30 September 2020

The health funds that have agreed to funding for online consultations will begin their coverage from Tuesday 14 April 2020.

You should check with your private health insurance company to find out if they are one of the funds who have agreed to cover online physio consults/telehealth.

To claim we will send you a copy of the paid invoice which you will need to submit to your health fund and they will reimburse you directly into your bank account.

Can I claim Medicare for online physio consults?

Yes, if you have a Medicare Chronic Disease Management (previously known as Enhanced Primary Care) plan, you will be bulk billed.  Physio Physique will claim your rebate directly through Medicare.


Medicare Chronic Disease Management plans will need to be organised with your GP prior to your online consult.

Can I use NDIS for online physio consults?

Yes, you can use your NDIS funding to access online physio consults.

Can I claim my Workcover (RTWSA) injury under Telehealth?

Yes. ReturnToWorkSA has created new telehealth fees for treating physiotherapists. These fees are available to workers with an existing claim who have been impacted by COVID-19. 

Do I need special software?

Online physio consults are conducted using our clinic management software called Cliniko. You will be able to make telehealth/video calls using your smart phone, tablet or computer without needing to download software. This service is 100% safe and secure.

We will email you a link with your consult details and all you need to do is click on the link at the time of your appointment to join your online physio consult.

How do I pay for my online physio consultation?

If you book online through our booking portal, you will be asked to pay for your telehealth consult at the time of booking. 

If you book through the telephone, one of our Physiotherapists will contact you to process the payment over the phone prior to your appointment.

I don't live in Australia, can I access online physio consults? 

The beauty of online physio consults is that anyone, anywhere in the world can access our expert Physiotherapists.


So if you are from an English speaking country such as United Kingdom (England), United States of America (USA), Singapore, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand, you are more than welcome to book in for an online physio consult with Physio Physique.

Please note, the timezone difference. All times indicated are for Australian Central Standard Time (GMT+9:30)