tennis elbow

How long will my elbow pain last?

Tennis elbow is often chronic and can last up to 2 years if not treated properly. Like all injuries, early intervention and proper management is the key to fast pain relief and long term recovery. 

Have you been suffering elbow pain for months and it's still not improving?

Chances are, your elbow pain started weeks/months ago as a mild tightness or discomfort. A bit of light rest may have helped settle the pain initially. You notice the pain return, this time stronger pain and greater restriction. The next time you visit your Doctor, you mention your lateral elbow pain and are referred for X-rays and Ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis of tennis elbow. Your Doctor recommends a cortisone injection at the time of your Ultrasound scan. Cortisone injections may provide some relief for your pain/symptoms however it does not address the underlying issues.

This scenario is very common and unfortunately no "actual" treatment has commenced. That is why the condition has not improved.

What treatments can help my elbow pain?

To properly recover from your tennis elbow, we need to address the underlying issues that perpetuate the pain and dysfunction. Things like muscle weakness, joint stiffness, increased neural tension, tendon thickening and muscular trigger points. Aside from the changes locally, compensatory changes above and below the elbow may need to be assessed and treated as this will affect the kinetic change of your upper limb.


There are also many lifestyle factors (e.g. excessive typing at work) that we need to modify during the recovery process. Even with good manual therapy/hands-on treatment, your recovery will be hindered if you keep overloading the elbow with every day activities.

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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition where you feel pain on the lateral (outside) aspect of your forearm/elbow.  Pain can occur following a specific incident or develop gradually (most common). It is an overuse injury that affects the tendons of your lateral forearm/elbow. 

Do I need a X-ray or ultrasound to diagnose a tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow can be diagnosed by your Physiotherapist based on the history and physical assessment. Medical imaging such as X-rays and Ultrasound may help to rule out other causes of your elbow pain however is rarely needed. 

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