tony hvasanov (B. PHYSIO, APAM)

About Tony

I graduated from the University of South Australia with my Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree and am super passionate about natural health care. My goal as a Physiotherapist is to help you understand that "good health" requires consistency, energy and long term lifestyle choices.

It makes me cringe when I meet a new patient that has been "treated" with painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication only.  There are so many natural alternatives which are more effective and help speed up the recovery process. 


Mandarin and English

Areas of interest

My expertise is with shoulders, spinal/back pain and lifestyle related injuries such as repetitive stress injury (RSI). 

Hobbies and lifestyle

I enjoy nature and being busy!  Whether it be physical activities such as swimming or meeting new people through networking. I must admit I am also a bit of a workaholic....

When I am not working, I enjoy eating out and learning new things through reading books and listening to audiobooks. I also enjoy meditating just before bed which I feel helps me achieve a deeper sleep.

Long term vision

I plan to grow the clinic into a large multi-disciplinary health clinic which promotes and empowers patients to live the best life possible through preventative interventions.